Meeting People with Great Life!


Meeting people and sharing experiences will lead you to another world. It could open your mind and heart to another stage of life enriching experience.

Well, sometime meeting people could be tiring too…but most of the time I enjoy being with people.

The inspration and idea that being shared was like a boost to motivate our inner strength to wake up from deep sleep.

Meeting people will also help a person to get new skills. It involves listening, negotiating and of course buiding more self confidence!

Insyaallah, with good intentions and niat, I believe ALlah will show us the best way to complete task and jobs.

Opportunity and Taking It!

Given chances to do many things are part of ALLAH’s gift to us. We were blessed with many things in this world nd we always thank ALLAH for that.

Prayers and zikr are among the ways for us to show our gratitude.

Well, many might say that they know and they always thank ALLAH for everything. But little that many people know, lots of things and action that we take can also show our gratitude.

Simple…if we really be thankful to ALLAH we definitely will
-always share things with others
– love our family and friends
– do not grumble as we face difficulties…

Let’s ALL doa and pray that we can stand as a strong muslim in many ways.

We are given the opportunity to live life…so take it and be grateful to ALLAH.

IT savvy?

I attended one seminar on electronic and It solution for business managers recently. I was glad that I met a lot of other inspiring enterpreneur who were friendly and willing to share business tips with all the audience for the day.

I was being informed that many of us today might not be upated with all the new IT and technology which can help our business to grow. Well…I consider myself as one of the people in this group.

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To trust and be trusted


Dear friends,

I found that it was quite comforting and relaxing as my mind works and thinks in the language that I am comfortable with, to write in the blog.

My first intention to have this blog as my ‘expressions canvas’ and at the same time as one of a tool to brush up my confidence writing in ENGLISH was faded, as commitment and challenges continues to pour in.

Well, I realised that I have to face it anyway…So the best way to improve is to take all the challenges positively and start to build new phase of life.

I understand that many people out there might found that this blog of mine does not really potray the professionalism that they expected. However, I am very proud to be truly who I am and knowing that I am always on the move to improve.

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