Think of what you feel.

“This is a letter to special ‘friends’ that I have.”

Dear friends,

You said to me the other day, you felt uneasy as your other friends do not give support and ‘help’ you in your office work. At the same time, there are too many tecnical errors in your office with regards to your office phone, handphone, printer, air-cond breakdown, lights failure, unavailability of internet connection and many other failure in your office equipment.

You said that’s some of the reason why your job still pending and many can not be delivered on time. While this happen, many of the other staff in your office seems like not reporting things to you that cause you problem to handle with the clients that you are in-charge of servicing.

You said that you have so many things to do, and yet the others are not doing anything and did not do much as what you are doing. In other words, you feel like you are alone, and you are the only one who keep trying hard to complete things and do many things!

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Listen and people will talk.

Well, I was upset with a few things lately. It was about commitment, job and responsibility.

People say that we should listen more then people will talk more to us, means that they will be more open to talk to you.

But I doubt it, you know…

Many times, when you listen more, the other party will only talk and they just simply become good talker instead of doer!

When it comes to discussion and things related to making decision, working into achieving many goals at the same time, the person just simply be out of place.

So, dear friends. I just need to put myself in the right seat, to listen at the right time and to the right people.

To talk at the right level, to reach every line of people. I believe people are great, but they just need ‘encouragement’ to determine their own future and their own life.

As for me, I would love to be the best, strive for the best, but still…TAWAKKAL is the best healer of all frustration…

When our mind stop…

Lately, I wonder why many people including my closest friends seems NOT to be aware of the things happening around us.

There are many children out there, left to death by their unknown parents.

There are many children being abused, threaten to death and some died.

There are many teenagers involve in crime that I do not dare to say it here…embarassing and shocking.

At the same time, volcanoes eruption continues…H1N1 creating a new wave…HFMD…attacking our children… and the list continues.

But, where are we?

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To be a GOOD parents: it’s getting tougher

We are happy to have children around us in the family. We are excited when we know we are going to get a new member in the family. We are glad that our children are going to continue our ‘legacy’.

We organise gatherings, parties and many more to celebrate our children and our family members too.

Happines do not come for FREE. There’s always a price to pay for what we want and what we get.

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Don’t let me be misunderstood…

We can talk, we love to talk and we have to talk! But let’s see how much do we listen rather than talk.

Most of us actually talk more than listen. Therefore, we tend not to listen and if we do, we actually don’t really understand.

Then, when we don’t understand…we misunderstood..

People who try to tell a person about A, will understand that it is B.

It’s not easy right? But, hey! What else can we do?

We always want to say things for people to understand. And may of us do not mean to harm anyone. But, sometimes when we feel hurts, we ‘accidentally’ hurting others too. Let’s back to the point.

Let’s start listening more, get to know more, and spend time more for others.

It is about time to see on ‘we’ rather than ‘me’.
Of course it’s not easy, but we have to try to make it be.

Let’s learn from mistakes,and understand what it’s going to take,
to be better to be tough, we need to experience something rough
we need a bigger treshold capacity, to live the world in reality.

To spend time, do you spend money?

Many of us always being told that we must spend QUALITY TIME with our family. Especially for those busy parents out there, they always look forward to have more time with family in their life.

As far as we concern, we love being around with people but at the same time we would love to have more meaningful activities and events in our life too! I personally will take some time every now and then to figure out what are the activities that could bring me closer to my children.

Where should i go and bring them or what should i do with them is part of the plan. Of course this will normally happen during weekends and long holidays.

To spend time , you have to spend money. Right?

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