Loving You

Last school holiday, I did not plan to go back to visit my parents as we already went home to my in-laws. Best to say that we were a little bit out of budget.

Then I realise that I have to do so when my 3 kids begging and keep asking me why I did not plan to go for ‘balik kampung’.

(Normally I will always ensure that I visited bot my parents and my in-laws. So, they keep asking.)

Well, at last we did. Somehow, I managed to top-up my budget, alhamdulillah.

When I did that, I saw how happy my parents are. They did not really want to see me anyway…they want to see more of their grandchildren.

Alhamdulillah, I felt good after the trip as everybody was happy.

May Allah help me to be more loving and caring as well as patience enough to face all challenges in life.


Think to travel?

Travelling can incur a lot of money.

Travelling alone is not as fun as when you travel with some one. Travelling can be challenging for some people with low budget, but more challenging for those with budget.


Well, I found that most people with low budget always plan ahead on what and when to spend money. When the right time comes, they will travel and all cost incurred for the travel will be carefully track.

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