Am I the BEST?

There are times when I feel down.

I don’t think that I am the right person to handle and conduct certain things.

I am not the person who can carry such responsibility which I think should be given to other person who is more qualified to do it.

There are also times, when I think; why should I be doing something that I know I am not good at?

But, somehow…I am still given and be in position to take charge of those responsibilities and jobs.

Why? I definitely NOT the best!

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Am I alone?

Sometimes, I feel uneasy to see some people. Well, they are just ordinary people, but their presence always make me uneasy.

There are people who can make you feel comfortable to talk to, and evem you feel good to talk just about anything to the person.

However, for no reason, you just simply do not feel like saying and sharing anything with the person.

I do find that this is weird too. The person that you might know just for a few seconds could be so meaningful to you compared to a person who you have known for years. Weird huh?

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How much do you think will be enough?

A question that I always ask myself again and again.

These says, life is really nothing without money.
Of course, money is not everything,but everything needs money.

Then, I think about it: even if I have 1 million dollar in my hand every month, I don’t think it will be enough. The more money we have the more expenses we commit.

Today, people talk about how price of petrol and important items in life such as sugar has raised again.

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Do we celebrate achievement OR satisfaction?

Today, a friend of mine expressed her concern on the achievement of a team that work under her supervision.

She said: ‘ There’s no point of getting the certification if we ourselves know that it it not completed and not as comprehensive as what we need for the organisation. I don’t think there’s anything to be happy about, or to celebrate!”

Well, let’s see her situation here.

The team that she supervised was given a task to complete a set of documentation for a certification approval. Upon receiving the approval, their business model will be able to be shared wth other parties easier.

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