Jobs: Changes that we make.

I remember during our primary school years, teachers and any adults whom I met will always ask a typical question.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”
And a typical answer came from a little girl, proudly said:

Well, even today, our children will give the same answer, but more varieties are observed. Some will said doctor and  engineer. It seem that this three words are the ‘top three’ in their mind. Teacher, doctor, engineer.

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Best of both world?: This is what I feel.

When I first decided to spend days back to my hometown for Hari Raya, I wanted to stay longer. However, I have to bear in mind that my boy need to be ready and be prepared for UPSR which will be on the 21st September. Just a few days after we end our holiday. Oh dear!

When we come back, we thought that we would like to visit as many relatives as we can in Klang Valley. Again, the idea of enjoying raya need to be balanced with the need of our boy to be mentally ready for the exam.

Well, I do not really remember how did I manage to go through exams during my primary school years. But,  I remember that I enjoy school, play with my friends and I fight with them too!

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