Learn more, earn more.

I came across this saying as I read one of the article…somewhere that I can’t recall.

Personally, I agree. The ability of an individu will increase and the value of the person will also be higher.

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However, what do you think will happen if people keep learning just to earn more? What does that mean to you?

Are you being paid for learning or you are actually earning more as you practice more and better skills?

Leading to confusion, I agree.



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When someone loves you too much…

LOVE is the essence of life.

With ALLAH’s love we are here. Given good health and wealth. Air to breathe, mind that works and functions in a way that nobody can really explain how and never be able to copy such complicated system.

Allah’s love is great!

images copy 5But, have you experienced being loved so much by someone and it makes you feel miserable?

Uncomfortable and it seems life is being watched?

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