Working Mother : Is that what you really choose?

Last week, a friend of mine visited me at school. She was my ex-teacher actually. I was happy to see her and spent some time and had a chat. A happy one. At the end of the chat, I remember sending her out at the gate, wave good bye at her and her 2 children.

I noticed that she kept saying sorry for her children’s behaviour of being so active.

Let me share with you what she told me.

She said that life after marriage is great especially when a baby come along. She decided to quit her job as a preschool teacher, focused on her child and help her family in business.

DECISION : What it means in our life?

I decided to get married at the age of 25. By then, I knew that it is giong to be too late for meĀ if I started my family life later than 25 years old.

Well, that was my decision made 9 years ago. The decision which has steered my life well wih Allah’s will and protection. Alhamdulillah.

We make decisions everyday. We decide what to eat for breakfast. We decide what to wear for the day. We decide with whom should we go for lunch today. We decide how to complete our work. We decide when do we want to go to bed. We decide and we make decisions!

But, what a ‘decision’ means to you?

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