MOM IN BUSINESS: 6 ways to find life balance.

Having so many things in hand will drive you crazy. Duties as a wife and mother are already challenging. 
An additional load of roles and responsibility in our business is another side of our life that we need to handle.
There are many ways on how to find balance in life as mother in a business. 
Let us share some. Most are mainly what I found benefit me in many ways.
1.  Allocate time for yourself
Make a business appointment with yourself. Go for a massage, pamper yourself at any SPA, go for shopping or just go out for a cup of your favourite coffee. It is just a special time for you to enjoy yourself.


Two days ago, a friend of mine called me. Well, actually I called her but she did not pick up the phone. However, she returned my call.

Let me share with you about my friend and what she told me on that. It was a story told over  conversation on the phone.

My friend is a person who is quite matured and have been in business quite sometime. 

She does not believe in things such as ‘gores and menang’ or any stuff related. She hates sales girls with flyers and will never entertain any of them. 

She feels that these people are bothering her and she just got no time to waste!

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