“Mom, I LOVE you!”

The moment that a woman has someone in life called a ‘husband’, her life change tremendously. It is beyond love and care. It is beyond what mind can think of.

Yes, love brings you to places which was never be in any women’s mind. It brings joy and laughter not only for seconds but for the rest of the days in a woman’s life.

Somehow, it does not come with only the great joy and energy. It accompanied by bad memories and challenging journey that a woman could imagine.

Wow! When another life be part of you, you are filled with emotions. You find it difficult, but you realized that this life which grows in you for 9 months will be part of you and your husband’s life too. Moments are great and patience is needed. Duties doubled up as the happiness approaching you.

You start thinking on many other things which not only about you and your husband, but for the life that you wanted to nurture for the rest of your child’s future.

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STOP talking about problems!

Dear friends, whom I believe will always be in a better position and shape day by day. 

It is quite unusual to post something with an arrogant kind of title. But, I found that this is so irritating and need to be jotted down and shared.

Well, in any environment or situation, I doubt that no one is FREE from problems. Problems arise every seconds and because of that we live our life. With problems people become better, as they strive to solve it. In business, people are selling solutions and make millions and billions!

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