LIFE : A walking journey.

As my child started to learn walking, she experienced how painful it is when she fell down. Yet, as the other siblings clapping and cheering, she looked very motivated and keep trying to stand steadily on her two feet.

The scenario continues for 30 minutes and all of us saw her tired face. She started to cry and the eldest sister quickly come to her and persuade her. She was trying so hard telling her little sister that it is all right if she felt tired and need rest.

The other sister however, wanted her to keep trying to stand and walk. Later, the little girl quietly sat down as she watched the two elder sisters quarreling. 

You might experience what I have gone through at this stage. I wonder how children easily quarrel and yet they could still hug and kiss each other less than 5 minutes later! I envy how they could simply laugh over their mistakes. They cry when being scolded, but never have the hate towards their mother.

Enterpreneurship : A continuous learning process.

As my eyes feel tired, my mind still wants to work. As my body love slower, my fingers keep punching on the glow in the dark letters on the keyboard. 

There are many things happens in life, which many you cannot control. However, there are always ways and good solution to many problems too.

Life become more meaningful when we know where we are heading and what are the objectives of life itself. Man was created to be the ‘khalifah’, which carries duty as a follower and leader in many dimensions.

Come, let us talk about being an entrepreneur and having your life busy and precious. Below is the last paragraph in n article which I came across at

Successful business owners understand entrepreneurship is a continuous learning process. “You reach a point that you no longer can control everything,” Hess says. “Therefore you have to trust, and therefore you have to engage people in something meaningful. It’s more than a job. It’s a personal transformation.” 

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Networking: Being engaged and connected.

World today is a world full of surprises. People are now connected and engaged in a very unique way. They no longer need to be physically present to reach to each other. Many find the new world is a world without border. Information is just a click away. Relation is just a screen matter.
However, in business circle, ‘connected’ and ‘engaged’ brings a different dimension of relationship. Many call it as ‘network’ and they always meet physically in a ‘networking’ occasion.
Regardless of the industry, a businessman will always look forward to get ‘engaged’ and ‘connected’. Networking is no longer an ordinary social gathering, but it is a platform to create opportunity.  It is a medium of communication where people get to know each other and be known among each other.
To benefit the most from ‘networking’ through connection and engagement, below are some ideas to be shared.
 1. Consider to be establish:
·                       Contacts (network)
·                       Credibility
·                       Visibility
·                       Leadership
·                       Innovations
·                      Structured work plan
·                      Teamwork