3 FUN elements in building self-confidence.

Let us have F-U-N!
1. Focus.


Instead of trying to do many things and finding out which one is good for you, focus on one thing that you know you are good at and others around you said the same too.

If there is none, simply start with asking yourself a question, “What is my hobby? What do I like to do the most?”

Then focus on how can you be better in that particular area. Guide and coach yourself, as if you are coaching your friends. List down if necessary to help yourself to be more focus.

By knowing and defining your own strength, you will enable to build your self confidence mush easier.

2. Understand.

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What are your beliefs?

Dear friends,

I have personal views and different views about how corporate people think. There are times, I personally admire them and wonder how could they come up with such brilliant idea. The thinking which mainly very objective and focus on reaching target and objectives, make me find myself way behind in business life.

Regardless of the size of any business, the thinking and how an individual see things determine his success. Therefore, I once realized that I need to change how I think to be more successful. Later, I began to realize that my thinking will bring me to further success with the right action taken at the right time.

Business women on a chart

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