Busy Moms and Dads: Help our children develop reading interest.


Simple and easy READING TIPS for busy moms and dads:

1.Read signs around you.

It is simple for younger children. Read words on the signs.

SOURCE: alexgraphicart.blogspot.com
SOURCE: alexgraphicart.blogspot.com









2. Use letters (for beginners) and words you see around.

SOURCE: www.kenwooi.com
SOURCE: www.kenwooi.com


Example, read out loud together the vehicle plate letters and numbers.


3. Read labels and description.

Attract our kids to look at food labels, containers, or stickers. Read simple words and point out to the numbers.

Example, ‘made of’, ‘expiry date’, ‘1kg’ and ‘100ml’.

SOURCE: whatscookingamerica.net
SOURCE: whatscookingamerica.net


3. Paste simple words around at home.

The simplest you can do. Write a word on one piece of sticky note.

Example: chair, table. You can write in any language that you want to emphasize at home.

It is advise to use only one language.

SOURCE: thesconegunman.blogspot.com
SOURCE: thesconegunman.blogspot.com

Let them write on their own. Drawing is an extended skil.

4. Let children make their own labels.

For elder children who can write, labeling activities are fun. It is an extended reading activity. Let them write label on their bag, shelves or sign on their wardrobe or door.

Example, ‘Girls only’, ‘books’, ‘files’ and others.

Happy reading! 🙂


Berniaga: Satu perlumbaan atau permainan?

Setiap tahun bulan RAMADHAN adalah bulan yang dinanti-nanti. Bukan sahaja untuk kanak-kanak, mereka yang dewasa juga.

Bagi ramai usahawan dan peniaga, Bulan RAMADHAN adalah bulan rezeki yang melimpah-ruah. Sudah pasti ramai diantara kita yang masih teringat dan terbayang betapa banyaknya barang atau produk yang dibeli untuk menyambut Ramadhan dan Syawal.

SOURCE: espiranzagurlz.blogspot.com
SOURCE: espiranzagurlz.blogspot.com

Bagi para ‘blogger’ dan ‘facebooker’ pasti mereka masih teringat bagaimana penuhnya ‘wall’ mereka dan ‘group’ mereka dengan pelbagai iklan dari makanan, pakaian hinggalah ke barang perhiasan.

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A Focus and Effective Meeting.

Meetings are important. However, many meetings end-up to be a social and gathering meetings rather than serving the real purpose of a meeting. Discussion and brainstorming are some activities which takes place during a meeting.

SOURCE: blog.tribeinc.com
SOURCE: blog.tribeinc.com

Meetings need to be taken objectively. As far as everyone is  concern, meeting is to update on related matters, resolve issues and bring new ideas in.

As long as the objectives of the meeting being met, it can be done even in 5 minutes. However, the greatly depends on the objective of the meeting itself.

Below are some items which can help to focus when conducting meetings:

1. Plan, schedule and location.


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Discipline is a life experience.

Most parents and teachers talk a lot a bout discipline. Discipline viewed as a practice which is expected and accepted.

Discipline is not punishment. 

Discipline is guidance, learning and a training process. It takes great deal of time and patience.


There are many things which need to be done to encourage discipline. As adults, parents and teachers need to give clear rules and limit. In many case, our young children do not understand or rather not given enough clarification.

For instance, at home children are not allowed to make noise. However, they do not understand what is ‘noise’. When they speak, they are asked to keep quiet. Later on, when they are quiet they are times when they are forced to speak.

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Mengapa berniaga? Berniaga untuk apa?

Berniaga dan menjadi usahawan, bukan budaya semua orang.

Juga bukan budaya banyak keluarga.

Saya meletakkan diri saya dalam kategori usahawan kecil-kecilan yang amat berminat untuk berniaga tetapi tidak mempunyai kemampuan yang tinggi untuk mencipta perniagaan baru. Lebih tepat, saya suka berniaga kerana saya suka menelusuri hidup bersama dengan sekelompok manusia yang lain. Saya suka meluangkan masa bersama orang lain.

Setelah selepas beberapa tahun bergelar ‘cikgu’, saya mula memikirkan tentang keperluan berkongsi pengalaman dengan guru lain berdasarkan pengalaman saya.

SOURCE: teachermuse.blogspot.com
SOURCE: teachermuse.blogspot.com

Semenjak itu, saya mula mendapati bahawa ada ruang untuk berkembang dalam bidang yang saya ceburi untuk menambahkan kualiti hidup dengan menjadi usahawan muslim. Bukankah perniagaan dan berniaga secara jujur sudah dijanjikan balasan dan darjat yang tinggi dalam agama? Sangat jelas bukan?

Saya masih ingat dengan jelas beberapa soalan yang saya tanyakan pada diri sendiri.

“Niat nak buka sekolah ni, nak kaya ke apa?”

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Inspiring Children towards Success.


Dear friends,

It was a pleasure to have a busy schedule. At times, we should be grateful as we have things to do and people around us to be with. Though, we could be irritated and annoyed in certain situation, there are always a positive side of what happened.

Recently, a friends asked on how can we as parents develop a child who loves to be successful in what they do?

Initially, I thought that the ‘success’ which she meant was for a specific achievement or academic excellent. It took me a while to figure out myself as parent. What have I done to encourage and my children to enjoy success and have the perseverance towards success?

SOURCE: ruthidanamubiru.com
SOURCE: ruthidanamubiru.com

I realised that as parents, most of the time, we are not aware and conscious of what we do. In other words, our actions and words are impulsive. This probably happened as we ourselves have been brought up in that manner.

Well, with this in mind, let us see what we can do at home with our children. There could be some simple yet ordinary actions and words which we normally used to our child who is as young as 2 years old. Let us find out what normally we do which actually have helped to encourage them enjoying success and continuously strive for success.

 1. Give them space

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