Did you find it?


Most of us normally talk about life, past and current for certain reasons. Many thought that it could be the best way of ‘letting go’.

Hurt and betrayed was among the most painful stories that many has shared with each other. Though mistakes were forgiven, the emotions remain.

Yet, most of us are still clinging to listen to good news. We wanted to be happy as how others are happy about their life. we would love to end every stories with total happiness.

We wanted to be inspired, so we wanted to listen on the positive and success stories.

Well, some people would dare to share the ugliest part of their stories…also for certain reasons. Some may think that it could be the best way for others to be careful and prepared.

Yes, there are mistakes and the wrong path taken, and we wanted others not to fall on the same situation.

Experience is one. Bad experience is another.

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As each and one of us is unique. Many tricks and ways of doing things are different from one another. Lessons can be learned from each other, but only works in certain condition.

This is where most people lost when they wanted to find people who can inspire them.  At the end, many lost in the world of inspiration and great ideas.

Without knowing, they are drowning in someone else’s dreams. They sleep in someone else’s bed. And when it is too late, they realised that they should have gone out, long before daylight.

Have you found your self?

Be found. Earned to be Heard.

To be found, someone must found you first. Be committed and let your words be heard.

There is no such thing called success that come too soon.

As I read an article related to how to be found, it gave me a new perspective on how to live online.

It is not an easy task, but discipline which comes with perseverance does work well.

Who do you write for?

Value in life is among what people talk and write about. How one can be rich and successful are always become interrelated. When I first start to write, I simply write to enjoy myself and practice on my language acquisition.

It was a nice long journey, though people commented and give feedback which most of the time simply putting me down. I was determined to continue writing and blog on topic that comfortable and very close to me.

It started with Preschool Business Management Experience and followed with some blogs which meant specially for my friends, teachers and mother alike.

I remember when I attended a class in Singapore, the trainer said to me.

“Hey, I know you are Malaysian. I don’t expect your English to be like mine.” he smiled and I was happy.

Later, when I read a few more stories and articles, there are more new things founded. Yes. When we continue and persevere to send the right content out, it will reach out eventually.

+ Consistency in practice
+ Seriously taking in assignments
+ Authenticity

Discipline is a matter that everybody agrees to be correct and important in everything that we do.

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It will lead to a greater experience of planning and execution while maximising the usage of related  tools in the area that we are in.

Whether it is about writing for ourselves or a specific work in corporate and business management, it still require us to be found and be heard.



Hard to rest.


When was the last time you take it? For most people, they rest as what and how they think what rest is.

In reality, it is not easy to rest.

Most of the time, we still in the mood of thinking about what we have to do. We are busy remembering what had happened today. We are occupied of thinking what will be next.

So, when exactly do you rest?

SOURCE : Creative Commons
SOURCE : Creative Commons


1. Find a time where you can move away from your routine.

2. Talk about hobby, sweet memory with your loved ones or talk about the movie that you watch very recent. Talk about anything else away from your routine.

3. Get a space, place and location which is away from your routine. Sleep elsewhere, not in your bedroom or even in your house. If you live cooking, cook in some one else kitchen.

4. Take your time alone. Be with yourself.

Sometime, the best moment to rest, is when you are discipline enough to stop thinking and doing what is routine.


Take your rest!


7 Titipan dari Guru Tadika buat Ibu Bapa

Tingkahlaku positif anak-anak dari rumah yang dibawa ke tadika membolehkan proses adaptasi dengan suasana baru lebih mudah.

Ini membolehkan anak-anak akan lebih gembira, cepat berkawan dan kurang menangis untuk tempoh 5 hari pertama persekolahan.

1. Faham konsep ‘orang asing’ dan autoriti.

Cikgu atau guru bukan orang asing. Maka anak-anak faham bahawa mereka boleh memohon bantuan dan menyatakan keperluan diri kepada guru mereka.

2. Yakin dan boleh memberitahu nama penuh.

Anak-anak boleh menyebut namanya dengan tepat. Meskipun tidak penuh dengan nama ibu atau bapa.

3. Memberi jawapan apabila ditanya.

Anak-anak yakin menjawab soalan. Meskipun takut-takut, apabila ditanya secera bersedirian, mereka boleh menjawab.

4. Memberitahu keperluan diri.

Anak-anak tahu cara untuk memberitahu keperluan ke tandas atau makan dan minum. Mereka boleh memberitahu dan berani meminta bantuan.

5. Biasa dengan keadaan ramai dan bising.

Anak-anak tidak kekok untuk duduk bersama kawan yang ramai. Mereka biasa dengan keletah sesetengah kawan yang bising dan lasak.

 6. Faham dan boleh menerima arahan ringkas.

Anak-anak biasa dengan ajakan dan arahan ringkas dan asas.

Ini termasuk :
Duduk. Jalan perlahan. Senyap. Beratur. Satu persatu. Tunggu giliran. Susunkan. Berhenti.

 7. Biasa dengan keadaan ramai dan bising.

Anak-anak tidak terkejut dengan suasana kelas yang berbentuk kumpulan. Mereka juga biasa untuk tidak dilayan secara persendirian.

Mereka faham, guru bukanlah pembantu rumah.

 8. Anak-anak yang kenal dan ingat barang kepunyaan sendiri.

Anak-anak yang sudah biasa menguruskan barangnya sendiri akan lebih bertanggungjawab dan tidak menunggu bantuan orang lain sepanjang masa.

Storytelling : What can a business card do for you?

Business card?
Do we still need one?
What exactly a business card do?

Why business card needed.

+ expectation
+ image
+ personality
+ creating rapport
+ engagement
+ attention getter

A name card tells you a story.

People attending or meeting in a business are expecting name cards. They normally will ask for one. It does give some impression and create certain image for the person.

Name card gives an initial idea about a person’s personality.

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