First Time : Story and Perception

When we first started our day in school, we had different experience. Some easily adapted with others, while some were struggling to handle own emotion.

As we observe our young children going to their first year of preschool, or attending to their first day of schooling, we will see different experience too.

Even we ourselves as mother and father, will have different emotional experience.

It is normally similar for any situation which occur as the first time in our life. Having first child, going for first day of a new job and so many other events in life which we need to encounter as our ‘first time’.

Most of the time, not many had a great story to tell for whatever that do at the first time. It normally comes with tears and sad stories.


Yet, many who are successful in their first attempt, are those who are  able to manage their risk of failure.


+ They learn the theory part, they read and they research

+ They speak to those who had experienced

+ They listen to both success and failure stories

There are many stories untold by those who had the experience. It depends on us to have the wisdom to ask the right question to the right people at the right time.

Some people listen and speak to people who give only 99 pieces of the real complete puzzle.

That what makes them to have a difference of 1% inaccurate perception from the reality. It does make the different.

Listen to more stories. Balance with tears and laughter.

Get a balance and more accurate information to build the right perception.




Losing Your Rights and Privacy?

Social media is a great platform for many purpose. Could it be for personal and business, it works wonders for almost everyone.

It depends on your location, which will determine the culture and guide you through the process of developing the content that you planned.

From personal branding to business development, social media has been given recognition for contributing to their success.

Nonetheless, there are always the ugly part of everything that looks and sounds good.

Somehow, there are situations where we should not ask from someone’s else right, for own benefit and satisfaction.

+ A friend has the right to say NO
+ A mother has the right to have time for herself
+ A father has the right to be listened and respected at home
+ A worker has the right to be given the right pay and renumeration for what they do

Social media somehow, has made many of us lost the so called ‘rights’. For some reason, our appearance in social media does not allow us to practice what is right to us.

Still, it depend greatly on how we plan our work and what we share on the social media. For specific business purposes, there are many in the list that made us ‘lost our rights and privacy’.

+ We must show the positive emotion to create image and personal branding to tally with our business situation

+ We must write and speak the way of what our followers, fans, partners and even subordinate, to maintain their inner trust and motivation

+ We need to sacrifice much of our time for personal interest, hobbies and leisure time, though we will, still have time for it.

+ We need to be strong, stronger than what we are for others to be even stronger.

We no longer have the rights to freely and openly share our opinion which could bring ‘sentiment’ in public, though we know that we have the right to say so.

Even to the extent, we can be questioned on what we wear, what we eat, which status that we like and who that we tag.

Some will simply question our action on FB such as:
“Why you did not tag me in your post?”
“Why you like his post?”

And it creates even more disheartening situation when you know that it is definitely your personal right to tag, like or even write your status the way that you wanted.

Ironic, isn’t it?

Life is a story. Craft one.

Day by day, week by week, month by month…and the counting goes on. Life is full of events. There are some which we called as ‘routine’ and some we called as ‘planned activities’.

Well, at least these are my definition. 🙂

Many thought that story belongs to those who can tell and create a good one. Actually, each of us is a ‘storyteller’ by nature.

As we talk, we tell. As we tell, we craft the way we say it.

MICF 2014 Noraminah Omar
Me at Little Froggie booth MICF 2014

It goes the same as I am writing on this page. It is a story by itself. Some of my friends asked me, “How to tell good stories? I want to tell stories like you do.”

Then I realised one thing. And I said to her, “You are already telling me your stories for the past 3 hours. See, I keep listening to you. It means, you are even much better than me!”

And she laughed and giggled throughout the rest of our conversation.

Yes!  Each of us is a storyteller. We just need a little spices here and there. Add a few more pinch of salt and sugar.

There are many styles of storytelling out there. We might need to take sometime to figure out, which one is the most comfortable and suitable for us.

The story is there, as long we are alive. Craft it freely, tactfully. Learn from mistakes. Improve. Move on. Enjoy every moment of it.



Position and It’s Politic

We manage things.
We lead people.

One of the two lines quote that I read a few years back still ringing into my ears. Well, this is true. When I was asked to write on general management, I realised it has become a politic content.

How could that be?

As I had my lunch today, the Chairman of the company said, “Once we hold a position, automatically we involve in politics. In our case, it is a business politics.”

As we sat together, all of us were holding back some stories of the ups and downs of holding our position in the company.

Well, the discussion went on.

“As someone with a position it becomes our responsibility to take good care of our business, the company. It belongs to the people in the company. It also reflects the name of our brand. It involves the trust that we build among our partners.”

It was a deep discussion that we never planned as she continued, “Holding a position also mean we are alerting go some of our rights. The right to be emotional, has no longer exist. The right to be ‘truly who you are’ will slowly diminish.”

As the three of look into her eyes, we wonder how could she herself go through all the challenges of becoming one. Leading a group of people while maintaining her own emotions.

Then, one of us said, “Puan, I found it so difficult to handle. Can you conduct a slot for training program. A leadership training program, maybe?”

As she looked at us seriously, she continued her sentence.

“It is normal to feel in the way that you feel now. But, what you did before, was not practically appropriate.

This is what we called mentoring. These skills can’t be trained just like that. As it happened, it become a teachable moment for all of us. If it does not, we don’t have to worry about it.

Just remember. We are not alone. We work together in a team. Delegate the work effectively. What had happened, it become the past. Move on. Be wise. Take care of the good names of everyone. Our partners, those who had become one and those who are not.”

It was clear and slow enough for all of us to swallow. Easier that the plate of food that we just ate.

I said it again to myself.
“Yes. Holding a position brings a whole lot of simple yet heavy responsibility.I have to take care of the good names of everyone.My partners, those who had become one and those who are not.”

The food for thought, was heavy enough that I myself was about to order another glass of orange juice



During a conversation, a friend of mine said that she wanted me to speak in one of her event.

As I realise that the crowd attending the event is not suitable with my background for the topic, I was reluctant to accept the invitation.

It depends on her objective of event. If a speaker being invited to attract more people to come, then it must be someone who is more significant and has his own tribe and follower. Saying that, shaw asked me further to share on what I meant by that.

Some thought that they have a tribe when they actually have only fans.
Having a big customers database might not become the right conversion rate.

Some are simply our fans.
They follow the news about us.
They clap and cheer for us.
They LIKE our page and status.
But, they might not buy from us.
They could not afford our service fee.
They conserve money.

So, for a specific event with a purpose of attracting crowned and building interest, an invited person or speaker should be someone with the right authority in the field that he needs to present.

A person who has enough tribe, not only able to attract interest and curiosity, it will also become part of the conversion rate that she is looking for.

A tribe believes in us, our values and what we do. It becomes more meaningful when we understand the needs of our tribe.

It becomes a real connection when our tribe given what they need at an affordable price, which either cheaper or at the same price with higher value.
A tribe need to be cared for.

Given input with continuous engagement and meaningful content. It takes a team for a tribe to grow.

Later, I said.

“Have you ever thought of giving great content to your customers in your database? Content which will give meaning in their life. Something that suit their need. Then, these people are the one who will grow with you.”



When was the last time you go for a holiday? Either alone or with family members, everyone need ‘time out’ to breakaway from what is normal.

Well, for many of my business friends, they did mentioned that it is difficult for them to plan one. Yet, many of them managed to have a proper arranged holiday at least once a year.

My point here is not about having a vacation trip. Let’s find out, why exactly ‘time out’ means to us?

Me? I am taking at least once a week time out and sometime even more. So how could that be?

Time out simply gets me and myself into something else, where I do what I enjoy most and having it for leisure. At this juncture, I can’t afford to make money from my hobby. But, I make money from my current skills and experience.

Let me share on how I managed to have a time out on weekly basis:

+ I ensure that I plan for an activity, which does not require me to think about my work OR business. Sometime, house chores would do the trick. But, not all type of chores and not all the time.

+ I joined some group which has activities that partly my hobby (and slowly making money). This is done online and offline.

Spending 2 hour conducting activities is one of the offline activities organised through 'groups' that I joined.
Spending a 2 hour by conducting activities is one of the offline activities organised through ‘groups’ that I joined.

+ I allowed myself to find time to spend by visiting places that does not make me think about work : shopping malls, parks and any that suitable. I did not do that shopping, though.

+ I allocated an amount of money to buy and add on my books collection on monthly basis. It could be as low as RM30 per month.

TIME OUT and BREAKAWAY can be arranged for FREE. It all depends on how we managed ourselves and our own expectations.

So, when was the last you bring yourself out of the routine?

Froggie dance
Simple activities with children is one of my ‘BREAKAWAY’ thingy.

Well, have a good weekend ahead friends!