3 FUN elements in building self-confidence.

Let us have F-U-N!
1. Focus.


Instead of trying to do many things and finding out which one is good for you, focus on one thing that you know you are good at and others around you said the same too.

If there is none, simply start with asking yourself a question, “What is my hobby? What do I like to do the most?”

Then focus on how can you be better in that particular area. Guide and coach yourself, as if you are coaching your friends. List down if necessary to help yourself to be more focus.

By knowing and defining your own strength, you will enable to build your self confidence mush easier.

2. Understand.

No matter how bad you feel about yourself, do understand one thing. God created every single thing in this world for a purpose. As a human, the greatest creation of all, you must have a purpose in this world too!

An easy life is not a life. Life is full of surprises, challenges and happiness too. Therefore, get yourself the right understanding on your existence purpose.  As Muslim, we are the Khalifah of Allah which have responsibilities to carry out. Throughout life, contributions made to world around us.

Understand yourself and you will stand out with the right attitude.

3. Narrate.

We need to reinforce things which we said in our heart or ideas that we keep in our mind. “Narrate’ them loudly. Write them and have a look at it, read it again. Exaggerate and create a big deal about it. Think about all the positive things about yourself and how you contribute to the world around you.

Start with a small step by telling the person closet to you. Then, start with writing good things about yourself. As you find that you have many to thank for, you will see yourself as a beneficial person and indeed needed by the whole world.

“Self-confidence is built through a difficult journey in life. 
Not through great events in life!”

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