Downtime : What do you do?

We can’t be working all the time.
We can’t be writing all the time too.
In whatever you do, there is always a downtime.
What do you do then?

It is a normal scenario when we need a break from something that we usually do. In business, there is a specific cycle of downtime which one can determine after being in the business for at least 6 to 12 months.

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It is just like our body. We would be able to recognize the time when we can easily got cold, cough and flue. We could be able to determine what type of food that can make us sick.

For that, we are able to avoid and find remedy for each situation.

So, how about our own personal downtime? What do you do?



Some people thought that shopping and spending money will be able to make us move on from the downtime.

Yes, it works for some. However, once you realized that you already spent on unnecessary items you get yourself into a different situations.

Below are some examples on how people move on through their downtime, in a simple way:

1. Spend a one day trip holiday.

2. Meet up with other people of different industry.

3. Attend social networking function.

4. Spend a day to focus enjoying  your hobby.

5. Simply lie down, close your eyes and do nothing!

This will be the time most people said, they reflect of what they have done. Some called it as ‘meditation’.

Well, choose your best way to move on.

Downtime? It is normal.

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