Storytelling : What can a business card do for you?

Business card?
Do we still need one?
What exactly a business card do?

Why business card needed.

+ expectation
+ image
+ personality
+ creating rapport
+ engagement
+ attention getter

A name card tells you a story.

People attending or meeting in a business are expecting name cards. They normally will ask for one. It does give some impression and create certain image for the person.

Name card gives an initial idea about a person’s personality.

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For many business people, they learn and understand the ethics of giving and accepting a name card.

1. To extend and receive name cards in a proper manner.

2. To read the name card upon receiving.

3. To ask make some remarks or question based on the information on the card.

Example: “Oh, your office is in KL.”

Name card, enable us to create rapport with someone we just meet. It gives an idea on what to ask about the person and his business.

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A person with a name card likely to be remembered more when they allow enough space for conversation.

Well, a name card ignites story creation.

What is your story?

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